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    After having successfully introduced the TRUST golf gloves to the market some 2 years ago, HIRZL now expanded their competence to cycling gloves and developed the GRIPPP TOUR gloves, available as short finger (SF) and full finger gloves (FF)。??     The superior properties of these gloves are the result of the innovative GRIPPP technology that encompasses an elaborate tanning process of finest kangaroo leather. This special treatment guarantees GRIPPP TOUR SF and FF gloves up to 3 times more grip in dry conditions, and up to 5 times more grip in wet conditions. Features such as the breathable membrane on the back of the hand, the extremely light gel padding system, form-fit inlays in the palms, a low-wrist design and HIRZL’s unique removal system make these gloves the perfect choice for on and off road biking.     The cycling gloves promise excellent fit, superb feel for precise steering and unrivalled grip in any weather.
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